London Heritage Farm

London Heritage Farm is a heritage site of 4.6 acres overlooking the south arm of the Fraser River. A lovely 1890s farmhouse was built on the site by the London family and has been completely restored and fully furnished for that period. Around the house are fragrant herb and flower gardens - a beautiful setting for strolling, picnics or to just enjoy the peace and quiet of the area.

Other attractions on the site include the restored Spragg family barn, hand tool museum, tea room, 1910 buggy and 1952 Ferguson tractor.

Wander around the 4+ acres, feed the ducks in the pond, talk to the 'girls' - our 22 friendly chickens - and ponder over the many pieces of old farm equipment (try to guess what they are). While in the west pasture, check out the 500+ items in the West Coast Seeds demonstration and research garden.

Bring a picnic lunch - the park in front of the house has picnic tables, gazebo, horseshoe pitch and rose arbor. Modern washrooms are adjacent to the caretaker's cottage.

Located at the south end of Gilbert Road and west to 6511 Dyke Road in sunny Steveston.
Summer hours Winter hours
July and August Saturday and Sunday
Open daily 10 - 4pm Noon - 4 pm

Picnic area and washrooms
Open daily 9am -9pm
Group tours and information (604) 271-5220